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Featuring A Clinically Proven Ingredient To Improve Comfort, Mobility, and Reduce Joint Discomfort

(4.9 out of 5)

Veraflex is an all-natural formulated pill that offers a safe, effective path to relief

Clinical dosage in each serving*
Blended with Aloe Vera so it's gentle on the stomach*
Increase mobility, reduce stiffness, improve comfort within 7 days*
Effective at reducing Oxidative Damage to Tissue*

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VeraFlex Uses A High Powered, Soothing, Compound To Reduce Joint Discomfort

Joint Discomfort

Our research shows that joint stiffness, soreness and discomfort is caused by inflammation that attacks healthy cartilage and protective tissue. According to leading medical scientists, this inflammation is caused by two inflammatory enzymes released by the body's own immune system.

Remarkably, the active ingredients in VeraFlex help to block the production of both these critical enzymes, resulting in a dramatic decrease in discomfort.

VeraFlex ® is the only product in existence blending bioflavonoids of traditional plants Scutellaria Baicalensis, Heartwood of Acacia Catechy, and Aloe Vera Extract. The combination can be used daily, without side effects, and has been proven to alleviate joint discomfort, reduce stiffness, and improve mobility.

Safe & Effective

18 Human Clinical Trials of Compositions

22 Peer Reviewed Publications


Active Ingredients

Scutellaria Baicalensis
This plant is very chemically complex and is full of antioxidants known as flavones. The flavones of particular interest are Baicalin and Baicalein. These antioxidants appear to downregulate the effects of oxidative stress on various tissues in the body including the liver. It also supports the body in having a healthy inflammatory response and promotes normal cellular growth.
Heartwood of Acacia Catchy
Acacia catechu heartwood extracts have been used for many years in human medicine as an astringent with no known toxicity. Antioxidant, anti‐inflammatory, free radical‐scavenging, and tissue‐protective effects of heartwood extracts have been well documented.
Aloe Vera
The aloe gel extracted from the plant contains more than 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

VeraFlex is Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended
- Liza Leal M.D., Pain Management Specialist and best-selling author

"I know first-hand the devastation of chronic pain and that restoration IS possible. While in medical school I developed rheumatoid arthritis, causing me to be wheelchair bound, potentially derailing my medical career. Today, I am a national speaker, author and the Chief Medical Officer of Meridian Medical Dental Healthcare in Sugar Land, Texas.

My medical expertise and personal experience enables me to treat patients with unique insight into their needs and struggles. As a result, I challenge, educate and motivate patients and readers to take their first steps on a new road to a better life.

VeraFlex users can generally expect more flexibility in three days... their joint pain alleviated in five days... and in just seven days, a tremendous improvement in overall joint function. In my opinon, AloeCure has created the best supplement for joint health on the market and I recommend it to anyone looking for better mobility, reduced pain, and more energy."

Extraordinary Liver Benefits

Research by University of Rosario School of Medicine shows using over the counter pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs often used for joint pain contribute significantly to liver damage.

The liver's job is to detox what we digest. Feeling bloated and having brain fog are just a couple signs something might be wrong inside.

VeraFlex also contains Aloe Vera, Jujube, Pepper, and Licorice Root, which help improve bioavailability, increase absorption, and soothe the digestive system. These ingredients have been scientifically shown to protect the liver from free radical damage. In addition a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism shows the potential of these ingredients to help the production of new liver, lung, and immune system cells that respond to fight infections.

Customer Reviews

Rosanne M.

I love VeraFlex! I thought it sounded too good to be true. With VeraFlex my joints are moving again, the constant swelling in my knee was so bad it was hard for me to bend, not it’s gone. No more drug store products and a lot of money saved. I am very happy now at 65 years old. I would recommend it to anyone…to my friends or my coworkers or my associates for them to try for their parents.

Murray, R.

I thought it would take a while but within a couple days it worked on me! It worked on my joints and there is no other product out there that I would trust more. I get the grandkids the next few days on an island and I can now be active with them. I'm hoping praying that I get my next shipment if not today tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of VeraFlex?

VeraFlex provides a natural approach to supporting joint health. Its active ingredient has been clinically shown to alleviate joint discomfort, reduce stiffness, and improve mobility. It is blended with Maxcell®, a natural bio-enhancer that includes Aloe Vera, it helps with absorption and is gentle on the stomach.

How much and how often should I take VeraFlex?

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>You should take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules daily or as directed by a physician. Some users get the results faster by taking 2 capsules twice daily for the first 7 days.</span>

When should I take VeraFlex?

We recommend that you take VeraFlex in the morning when you start your day.

For how long do I need to take VeraFlex?

VeraFlex features active ingredients that show improvement in joint stiffness in as few as 3 days and improved joint function within 7 days. It is very easy to make VeraFlex a part of your lifestyle. VeraFlex is natural and has no known side effects. So, you can take it indefinitely while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How safe is VeraFlex?

VeraFlex has no known side effects. If fact, $2.8 million was spent on safety studies.

If I'm pregnant can I take VeraFlex?

 As with any dietary supplement, if you are pregnant you need to consult your physician or naturopath before starting the VeraFlex program.

Can I take VeraFlex with other supplements or drug store products?

Yes. VeraFlex has no known adverse effects when taken with other products.

What are the ingredients of VeraFlex?

VeraFlex uses a clinical dosage per serving of UP446 (a blend of Scutellaria Baicalensis & Heartwood of Acacia Catechu). It also contains Maxcell® which helps with absorption and makes it gentle on the stomach, it’s an Aloe Vera based ingredient that also has pepper, jujube, and licorice root.

What kind of claim support do you have?

The active ingredient in UP446 has 22 peer-reviewed publications and 18 human clinical trials for safety and effectiveness. You can learn more about these on the Learn Now button of the web page. AloeCure is a centuries-old plant with many hundreds of published reports supporting its ability to aid in optimal health.

*The raw materials and manufacturers of our end products are certified by many of the top industry associations. AloeCure's final product does not claim to be certified by these agencies.

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