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Advanced Formula Capsule

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Support Your Digestive & Immune Health

AloeCure® Advance Formula delivers immediate and long-lasting results for anyone looking to improve digestive nightmares including bouts of acid reflux and heartburn and optimize immune function for inflammation response. Scientifically proven. Doctor formulated. Fast-acting natural acid buffer.

AloeCure is produced in America. We guarantee the purity and potency of each capsule we ship
Scientifically proven as a natural acid buffer to reduce stomach acid by up to 100x for 24-hour relief
Features immune modulating properties that aid immune function and inflammation response
Scientifically shown to increase Vitaman C & E absorption by up to 200%
Each dose contains the most concentrated levels of bioavailable acemannan know to exist, allowing AloeCure® to deliver a clinically significant dose of Aloe and Acemannan in a single capsule – the equivalent of 130,000 mg of Aloe Vera!

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Highest Levels Of Aloe Vera's Famous Healing Property, Acemannan, Known To Exist


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Scientifically Proven For Long-Term Use, No Known Side Effects


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Buffers Stomach Acid Up To 100x On Contact, Can Provide All Day & Night Stomach Comfort

Good for Belly
Good For Belly

Long-Lasting Results

70% of Your Immune system Exists in Your Gut

Fix Your Gut and Fight Inflammation

AloeCure Advance Formula delivers the highest levels of Acemannan, Aloe's famous curative property, known to exist. Immediate and long-lasting results for anyone looking to improve digestive nightmares including bouts of acid reflux and heartburn and optimize immune function related to inflammatory response.

Scientifically Proven

Scientifically Proven

A Healthy Gut Is About More Than Just Food Digestion - Aloe Is Scientifically Proven to Improve:

Gut health & prebiotic function to help end stomach nightmares
Absorption of vitamins B12, C, & E
Healthy cholesterol
Management of Optimal Immune Function
Gut microbes linked to healthy brain support
Reduced appearance of wrinkles

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended

Aloecure® Is Recommended By Doctors

"In 2007 I was introduced to AloeCure®. I've put AloeCure to the test and it works! AloeCure helps naturally balance the stomach pH levels, decrease the acidity feeling and prevent that burning sensation so many complain of due to stress, worry, or an unhealthy lifestyle. AloeCure is an all-natural solution that allows your body to heal itself. That's why I recommend it to my patients."

Liza Leal M.D, Pain Management Specialist and best-selling author.
Voted One of Houston's Top Doctors

Customer Reviews

I've spent 45 years trying different products, within 10 days of taking AloeCure it's all I need. I love the capsules.

Arnold M.

I just called to make sure my next shipment was on time, I do not want to ever run out of this.

Richard M.

I had an issue last week with eating bad food, and took some AloeCure and my stomach issues subsided right away.

Marjorie P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much and how often should I take AloeCure?

We recommend taking a minimum of 1 capsule, twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. If you believe your body will respond better to a larger serving, it’s okay to take more than 2 capsules in a day. AloeCure is completely natural, and there are no risks associated with drinking too much.

When should I take AloeCure?

For best results, we recommend taking AloeCure first thing when you wake up and before you go to bed at night. You may also take this supplement at any point during the day if you feel your stomach acid is out of balance.

How fast can I expect to feel the difference?

Everybody will respond differently, but many report a soothing feeling in their esophagus within one hour after taking an Aloecure capsule. For some, the long term balancing and normalizing effects may not be felt right away. This is completely normal, because AloeCure is a natural juice and not a drug.

Can I take more than the recommended dose to obtain more benefits?

Because AloeCure is a natural supplement, there’s no such thing as too much. Depending on lifestyle factors and your body’s chemistry, you might need more than the recommended two daily capsules to obtain the best possible outcome.

For how long do I need to take AloeCure?

There are no documented side effects to using this supplement, which means AloeCure can be taken indefinitely. It’s a great addition to any healthy diet, encouraging a functional digestive system in the long term.

How safe is AloeCure?

AloeCure is completely safe! Currently, no side effects have been documented. AloeCure is made of only natural ingredients. In fact, Aloe Vera, the major healing agent in AloeCure, has been used as a remedy for various different ailments for thousands of years.

If I’m pregnant, can I take AloeCure?

While you should consult with your physician before beginning any dietary supplement, AloeCure has no known side effects. When discussing AloeCure with your doctor, mention that it contains no laxative aloin.

What type of aloe plant is used for AloeCure?

AloeCure uses Aloe barbadensis the most effective type of aloe available. This is the form of aloe commonly used in consumer products.

Does AloeCure have any cleansing properties?

AloeCure isn’t a laxative and is not designed to cleanse. However, it does promote a balanced digestive system, which, over time, can improve regulation.

What are some other benefits of AloeCure beyond the digestive system?

While each body responds differently, AloeCure has been shown to improve absorption of nutrients in most individuals. As a result, you may feel increased energy, which will improve well-being over time. Balancing your stomach acids will also allow you to sleep better when you go to bed and feel more rested when you awake.

I am taking prescription medications for my stomach acid problems. Can I still take AloeCure?

There are no side effects known in relation to AloeCure, and it can be taken in conjunction with prescription drugs. However, you should always consult a doctor before changing, adding or going off any medications while on AloeCure, especially if you’re planning to go off prescribed acid blockers.

I have been taking over-the-counter tablets for years to manage my stomach acid. Can I still take AloeCure?

Without a doubt! AloeCure has no documented side effects and can be taken with OTC medications without complications.

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