Instant Skin Hydrator

Using only Fresh Organic Aloe Vera Juice the Aloe Derma Instant Skin Hydrator is designed to instantly go to work hydrating your skin and delivering noticeable results after your first use.

  • Deeply penetrates skin layers for maximum hydration and results.
  • Naturally locks in over 200 natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids known for healing.
  • Repairs damaged skin cells and encourages growth of health ones.
  • Can be applied anywhere on the body including your scalp.

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The key to healthy skin is hydrated skin. Aloe Derma’s Super Hydration Booster is made exclusively from 99.8 % certified organic Aloe Vera. Aloe has been documented for centuries and proven time and time again in research labs to rejuvenate and heal parched skin. Once applied this product penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermal layers and then produces a natural protective seal to keep moisture locked in all day.

Aloe Derma Super Hydration Booster helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells which can result in the decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The rich bioactive enzymes and active aloe polysaccharides are effective in regulating PH, hydrating skin, and eliminating wrinkles so your skin can become balanced, soft, and beautiful and it can add luster to your hair. Apply directly to the skin or hair. You also can use it with a facial mask and add to bath products such as bath gel and shampoo.

You also can use it with a facial mask and add to bath products such as bath gel and shampoo. Shake before use


Deeply hydrates. Helps new skin cell growth. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines. How to Use: Shake before use. Apply small amount to cloth or directly on skin. It can be used as toner.

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Q: What is the main ingredient in Aloe Derma that makes it so successful in healing and nourishing the skin?
A: Aloe Derma contains pharmacy grade Aloe vera, a tropical healing plant used for thousands of years to heal human skin. Cleopatra reveals in ancient Egyptian writings that this plant was the secret to her staying young and beautiful. Alexander the great required Aloe vera for his troops in battle because of its legendary healing qualities.

Q: Why is your product different from all the others?
A: It is based on organic Aloe vera, nature's miracle plant for healing. It is the only skin care product line in the world that uses fresh aloe vera juice at these levels. We have spent years developing and testing these formulations that combine ancient Chinese formulas, advanced Western technology, and organic Aloe vera especially designed to rejuvenate your skin.

Q: Are these products socially and ethically responsible?
A: American Global Health Group has built its foundation on sustainable and organic Aloe vera farming practices; we are an American company that owns the Aloe vera farms and the manufacturing facilities, so we control 100% of the quality assurance and have been certified and lauded by global leaders in the industry. We do not test on animals, the Aloe vera used is organically certified, the packaging is biodegradable, and there are no dyes, or alcohol, in any of our products.

Q: Can I find this product in retail stores?
A: We have been approached by many prominent retail stores, but we have declined their offers. We grow the Aloe vera and we produce and package in an organic certified facility the very products that you will receive. We do not want a retail outlet to double the price to you while not adding any value. Selling directly to consumers also gives us the ability to have a relationship with you; we are only a click or phone call away and pride ourselves on our accessibility.

Q: How fast can I expect to feel the difference?
A: You will feel the nourishing and soothing effects of Aloe Derma products immediately as you apply them. Over the first few days, you should notice an improvement in the tone and health of your skin. As you continue to use the Aloe Derma rejuvenating system over the next few weeks and months, you should see real improvements in the quality of your skin as promised and backed by our 30 day guarantee.

Q: Is Aloe Derma safe for all skin types?
A: Absolutely! Aloe Derma is safe and effective for all skin types.