AloeVita Water with Pure Aloe Leaf

Not only does our Water with Pure Aloe Leaf taste great but it is good for you too! Aloe vera water is available in 5 flavors: Green Grape, Zero Calorie Green Grape, Mango, Pomegranate, and Wild Berry.

  • Low Sodium
  • Fat Free
  • Vegan
  • Sweetened with Cane Sugar
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Gluten Free

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At AloeCure we’re Aloe Vera experts and we took the best of Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients and created this wonderful line of refreshing beverages so you can both quench your thirst and get the health benefits of Aloe. Go ahead and try it today and discover why we’re the best Aloe beverage.

Available in 5 flavors: Green Grape, Zero Calorie Green Grape, Mango, Pomegranate (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK), and Wild Berry (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK).

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Q: What's the difference between Aloe Vera Water with Pulp and Aloe Vera Extract?
A: AloeCure Aloe Vera Water with Pulp is an everyday beverage that has 5% Aloe Vera content by volume. The Water with Aloe Pulp is a better-for-you functional beverage compared to other popular carbonated, bottled juices, and soft drinks. This tasty beverage is meant to be enjoyed everyday because it tastes good and makes you feel good. AloeCure Aloe Vera Extract is 99% Pure Aloe Vera and is a dietary supplement for health and wellbeing. The extract is commonly used to aid in digestive relief.

Q: Where is the Aloe Vera from?
A: AloeCure owns and operates all of the Aloe Vera farms used to make AloeCure drink products. All of the Aloe Vera is certified organic by ECOCERT®. Our Aloe Vera farms are located in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and we process the leaves within 24 hours after harvesting to assure the highest concentration of Aloe Vera vitamins, minerals, and amino acids go into every bottle.

Q: Who makes AloeCure?
A: AloeCure owns and operates all of the bottling facilities that are used to make AloeCure. The facilities are located within close driving proximity from our Aloe Vera farms assure that we process the Aloe Vera immediately after harvest. The facilities are certified Organic by ECOCERT®.

Q: Do you pasteurize this product?
A: Yes. Our machinery uses a patented method to extract the Aloe Vera then filter and flash pasteurize the water at 120 degrees for up to five seconds.

Q: How long after I open AloeCure does it stay fresh?
A: We suggest that if you open AloeCure and do not finish drinking it, that you place it in a refrigerator and drink it within 24-48 hours.

Q: How much AloeCure should I drink?
A: We know customers enjoy drinking AloeCure because it makes them feel good. Aloe Vera is packed with vitamins and nutrients so we recommend you drink as much as you would like.

Q: Is AloeCure gluten free and vegan-approved?
A: Yes to both: our AloeCure is gluten free and vegan-approved, as AloeCure does not contain any animal-derived or dairy products in its beverages. it is also low sodium and fat free.