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How to Use Aloe on Poison Ivy & Why It Works

Poison Ivy Itch

If your skin has ever been in contact with poison ivy, then you have suffered through the blistering rash, and the unmerciful itching and scratching that the plant is notorious for. But not to worry! Applying Aloe Vera for poison ivy can help relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms and also aid in healing, too….
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7 Summer Must-Haves in 2018

Summertime is quickly approaching and before we know it, it will be gone! Be sure to outfit yourself to make the most of the sunny Summer months and be prepared with everything you need to enjoy yourself. Here’s our list of 7 summer must-haves to make your warm weather adventures even more fun! 1. Halo Top…
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Is Aloe Vera Good for Bug Bites?

Summer Outdoors Bug Bites

Warm weather has arrived and the great outdoors awaits you. Whether you’re hiking on a forest trail, spending the day at the beach, or at a backyard barbeque, any time spent outside is also time shared with insects. No one can avoid the bite or sting of mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, spiders, bees and wasps;…
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Using Aloe Vera on Scars

Hand Scar Tissue

Aloe Vera for scars? As a succulent plant known for its healing properties, Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years. What we know that the ancients could only observe is that Aloe Vera has over 200 active beneficial components in it. The gel is 99% water, filled with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids,…
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Aloe Vera Juice vs Gel: What’s the Difference?

Aloe Vera Juice vs Gel

The difference between using aloe vera juice vs gel depends on the intention of the user, but which is more effective for you? Aloe vera has many different applications. Oral consumption has been found to help with everything from balancing stomach acid to aiding in bouts of inflammation. Topical applications are applied for a variety of…
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Our Favorite Aloe Vera Beauty Products

Aloe Vera Beauty Products

There are a lot of aloe vera based beauty products out there, from creams to moisturizers, cleansers, and more. But which products are actually effective and worth the money? Not all aloe skin care products are 100% natural, as some combine the benefits of modern medicine with the natural healing power of aloe. These can…
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Aloe Vera for Babies: Is It Safe?

Baby Aloe Vera

Is it safe to use aloe vera on babies either as a daily moisturizer, for sunburn, or when a rash develops? As a member of the succulent plant family, aloe vera has been widely used as a natural treatment for dermatitis throughout the ages. The clear, soothing gel found within the aloe plant has been…
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Aloe Vera for Rashes and Itching

Aloe Vera Itchy Skin Rash

The use of Aloe Vera for rashes, itchy dry skin, allergic reactions, eczema, and related dermatitis has shown effective results as a natural healing remedy in treatment of skin conditions throughout the centuries. Skin disorders are a recurrent and continuing health problem that affects all age groups and populations from infants to the elderly. According…
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Daily Digestive Aloe Vera Juice Smoothie

Aloe Vera Juice Smoothie

Digestive problems? No more! We all know the benefits of aloe vera for digestion and a natural diet rich in probiotics, vitamins, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants is important in keeping your digestive system healthy. Keeping up with this sort of diet can be difficult, though, which is why this daily digestive aloe vera smoothie can be a…
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Aloe Vera and Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain

To the uninformed, it would be easy to dismiss the idea of aloe vera having any effect on joints; the most common location for discomfort. Yet, as more research and studies have indicated, aloe vera has the potential to provide joint support by helping with inflammation and swelling because it helps modulate the body’s immune…
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