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All About the Gut-Brain Axis

We’ve all experienced a “gut feeling” at one time or another in our lives, and made a decision, usually the right one, based entirely upon it. As it turns out, that “feeling” we experience is actually very real and not imagined. It’s your gut-brain axis signaling you that something is up, and that you better…
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Aloe Vera vs CBD: Which is Better?

Aloe Vera and CBD oil are two popular health supplements. As natural remedies, both plants have been the focus of much research and study over the years. With the promise to relieve many ailments, especially those related to inflammation, Aloe Vera and CBD oil often compete for the attention of consumers. As much as CBD…
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Does Aloe Vera Have Side Effects?

Aloe Vera gel is an all-natural and non-toxic product derived from the succulent plant species of the same name. Nicknamed the “Lily of the Desert” and “The Plant of Immortality,” for thousands of years the remarkable botanical has been known for its healing and other medicinal properties. Today we know Aloe Vera as a nutrient-dense…
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Aloe Vera vs Resveratrol

Nutritional supplements have long been popular among health-conscious individuals. In the United States, most adults take at least one or more dietary supplement daily. Whether capsule, pill, powder, tablet, tea or juice – the supplement may be vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, or a combination of some or all. Two supplements in particular, Aloe…
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The Uses and Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Face

Most are familiar with the succulent plant, Aloe Vera. An evergreen perennial, Aloe Vera originated from the Arabian Peninsula but now grows wild in tropical climates around the world, but is also cultivated for its many medicinal and therapeutic applications. Throughout history, the plant’s healing properties have been recognized. Nicknamed the ‘plant of immortality,’ Aloe…
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Aloe Vera Digestion Benefits

Aloe Vera Digestion Hero

Many take Aloe Vera for digestion because the succulent plant can have a soothing effect on the digestive system as a whole. That’s a good thing. The importance of taking good care of your digestive system is vital for one’s health. Your digestive system is the gastrointestinal tract that consists of a group of major…
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What Can Aloe Vera be Used For?

Aloe Vera Uses

With so many benefits to overall wellness, Aloe Vera is truly an incredible plant. Revered for centuries and used by cultures as far back as the ancient Egyptians, the succulent has been used for many different purposes. But with the advent of modern science and technology, what exactly is Aloe Vera still useful for today?…
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Aloe Vera for Wrinkles and Anti-Aging

Aloe Vera is widely known for its many healing properties and seemingly endless wellness benefits. For most people, this amazing succulent plant, loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, is often associated with sunburn relief. That’s because the soothing gel naturally hydrates, rejuvenates, and tones the skin. So much so that recent medical studies have…
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Does Aloe Vera Work on Cold Sores?

Aloe Vera Cold Sores Featured

The best modern remedy for cold sores may well be an ancient one. Aloe Vera for cold sores can help relieve pain and provide many benefits to help your damaged skin heal from the blisters. What are Cold Sores?   The fact is, there are no escaping cold sores. Just about everyone – 90% of all…
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Aloe Vera for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

Can you lose weight with Aloe Vera? Many products promise natural weight loss, but just as many fail to deliver. When you hear claims of natural weight loss by a single product, then buyers should beware. Losing weight in general takes time and effort. What Aloe vera can do is play a significant role in…
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