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Dr. Liza Leal, co-founder of Meridian Medical Dental Healthcare and author of “Living Well with Chronic Pain”.

Dr. Liza Leal says she now recommends AloeCure® Pure Aloe Juice to her patients because it works.

According to Dr. Leal she always looks for a drug free approach for her patients and the all around results she found were amazing. A number of studies are looking at Aloe’s ability to reduce inflammation, making it a promising drug-free, treatment option. This explains some of AloeCure’s wonderful side benefits including healthier joints and muscles.

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Using Aloe Vera for Acid Reflux & Heartburn Treatment

Posted on November 11 2013 by Dr. Liza Leal, M.D & Chief Medical Officer at Meridian Medical.

As a medical professional who looks for drug free treatment options for my patients, I have seen amazing results through the use of aloe vera.  Both heartburn and acid reflux, also known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), are painful conditions that occur when the contents of your stomach flow back into your esophagus, causing burning, chest pain, and other serious symptoms.

While there are many medications that you can take, using aloe vera for heartburn and aloe vera for acid reflux is a good way to treat your condition naturally – and I have seen the results firsthand.

How Aloe Vera Works

Aloe vera is a plant containing a clear gel within its leaves. This gel is often used on the skin to treat burns and other problems. When converted into a juice, the same properties in aloe vera that allow it to soothe your external skin can also help soothe your internal skin

Steps to Follow

If you are experiencing heartburn, the first step you should take is to see your doctor. As I do on a daily basis, your doctor will be able to determine if you are experiencing heartburn or GERD, a chronic condition. After consulting with your doctor, you can begin using aloe vera for heartburn or aloe vera for acid reflux to relieve your symptoms. Generally, I recommend drinking about ¼ cup of aloe vera juice (2-3 oz.) approximately 20 minutes before eating a meal.

Precautions to Take

I caution anyone using aloe vera for heartburn and aloe vera for acid reflux that there are certain precautions to take. When you first begin, I recommend taking aloe vera juice in small doses to ensure that you do not experience diarrhea. You should also never consume aloe vera that is not specifically approved for internal use. 

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